For Children

Speech Therapy in a Fun and Engaging Way​

For Children

Speech Therapy in a Fun and Engaging Way

Interactive Exercises

Extensive collection of interactive exercises that cater to different age groups.

Building Confidence

Boost your child’s confidence with SpeakTX, as they improve communication skills and overcome obstacles. Witness their growth as they become self-assured and ready to face the world with determination.

Customised Learning

Carefully designed therapy plans to ensure the most effective and targeted support.


Embrace the vital role of teamwork in SpeakTX, where professionals and family members work hand-in-hand to provide the best possible support for your child’s speech and language development. 

Interactive and Age-Appropriate Exercises​

SpeakTX provides an extensive collection of interactive exercises that cater to different age groups, ensuring that children are always engaged and challenged at an appropriate level. These exercises cover a wide range of language fields, such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing, providing comprehensive support for children’s speech and language development.

Fun and Engaging Experience​

SpeakTX captivates young learners with its interactive online format, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional paper-based exercises. Children enjoy the dynamic nature of clicking, dragging, and exploring various elements within the exercises, making the learning experience more motivating and engaging. By embracing the digital realm, SpeakTX keeps children inspired and eager to learn.

Confidence and Social Growth​

SpeakTX helps children become more confident and social. As children progress through the exercises and experience success in their communication abilities, they develop a sense of self-assurance that translates to greater ease in social situations. This newfound confidence empowers children to engage in conversations, make friends, and participate in group activities without feeling held back by speech or language difficulties.

Customisable Learning Path​

SpeakTX offers a personalised approach to speech therapy, allowing for customisation of the learning path to suit each child’s unique needs and goals. This tailored experience ensures that children receive the most effective and targeted support, maximising their chances of success in overcoming speech and language challenges.

Collaboration with Professionals and Family​

SpeakTX fosters collaboration between speech therapists, other professionals, and family members, creating a supportive network around the child. This team-based approach enables therapists and family members to monitor the child’s progress, provide encouragement, and work together to ensure the best possible outcomes. By involving loved ones in the process, children feel supported and motivated throughout their speech therapy journey.

Empowering Communication

SpeakTX is a powerful and engaging tool for children looking to improve their speech and language skills, whether they need support in general speech development or assistance with more serious speech impediments. With its interactive exercises, fun and engaging experience, and focus on confidence and social growth, SpeakTX offers comprehensive support for children of all ages and language levels. By fostering collaboration among professionals, family members, and the child, SpeakTX paves the way for successful speech and language development, empowering children to communicate with ease and confidence.