For Educators

Transforming Speech Therapy in Education

For Educators

Transforming Speech Therapy in Education​

Engaging Exercises

SpeakTX offers a vast array of interactive exercises that captivate and motivate children, creating an engaging learning experience that keeps them eager to progress in their speech therapy journey.


Effortlessly create custom therapy plans and design your own engaging exercises, ensuring every student receives tailored support that maximises their progress in speech therapy.

Video Calls

SpeakTX empowers speech therapists and teachers to connect with students remotely, providing flexible and accessible support for their speech therapy needs, regardless of location or scheduling constraints.


Connecting professionals to offer students comprehensive, interdisciplinary support for their speech and language needs.

Interactive and Engaging Exercises​

SpeakTX offers a wide range of interactive exercises that cater to the diverse needs and skill levels of students. These exercises are designed to be engaging and motivating, ensuring that students remain enthusiastic about their therapy sessions. By incorporating digital materials into their practice, speech therapists and teachers can create a dynamic learning environment that encourages progress and fosters a positive attitude towards speech therapy.

Online Lessons

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential for educational professionals to have the flexibility to connect with students remotely. SpeakTX’s telepractice capabilities enable speech therapists and teachers to provide online consultations, making therapy sessions more accessible to students who may face geographical or scheduling constraints. This feature ensures that students receive the support they need, no matter where they are or what their circumstances may be.


Collaboration between speech therapists, teachers, and other educational professionals is crucial for providing comprehensive support to students with speech and language challenges. SpeakTX facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration by allowing professionals to connect multiple specialists to a student’s account. This team-based approach ensures that students receive well-rounded support that addresses all aspects of their communication needs.

Targeted Modules
for Specific Conditions

Integrate SpeakTX into your educational setting, offering diverse modules tailored to various speech development needs. From general speech enhancement to specialised support for dyslexia, stuttering, and more, SpeakTX’s engaging exercises boost grammar, writing, and reading skills. Equip your students with the tools they need to succeed, fostering a love for learning and helping them achieve their full potential in language development.

Create Custom Exercises
with Ease

SpeakTX  allows speech therapists and teachers to create custom therapy plans by selecting from hundreds of available exercises. Additionally, SpeakTX provides templates and a media pool, enabling professionals to design their own exercises with ease. This level of customisation ensures that therapy plans are tailored to each student’s individual needs, maximising the effectiveness of the therapy process.

Transforming Speech Therapy

SpeakTX is a valuable tool for speech therapists and teachers working in educational settings, offering a comprehensive solution for providing speech therapy to students. With its engaging exercises, video calls, customisable content, and collaboration features, SpeakTX empowers educational professionals to provide high-quality support that helps students overcome speech and language challenges. Embrace the future of speech therapy in education with SpeakTX, and witness the transformative impact it can have on your students’ communication skills and confidence.